About us

Why Process Culture

Process Culture are the experts in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, sales and marketing systems integration and design. 

We help and guide you to make the right technology choices suitable for your business. Our goal is to automate and streamline your sales processes, boost your productivity, and increase your results.

What we do

We help growing mid sized professional services businesses to streamline and automate their sales processes and to create a single source of customer information in their business.

We take our clients from a world of paper, spreadsheets and manual tasks to one where the technology does the heavy lifting and they can do their best work.

We do this through our 5 stage process - The Sales Process Mastery Method. We show our clients how to be more efficient and effective in the way they sell. More follow-ups. More meaningful activities. More leads and sales.

Our Experience

Peter, our principal consultant, has more than 20 years experience working in technology and consulting roles with clients in a range of industries, in both the private sector (including Telecommunications, Insurance, Retail, Publishing and Banking) and public sector (including the Victorian Government, European Parliament, European Commission and Education sector).

As well as deep technical expertise, Peter also has a background in sales and marketing - from his earliest days working as a door to door salesman in London to being the owner of a business for the last 10 years.

Our Core Values


We believe that our business exists to be of service to our customers, our team members and the larger community of life on this earth.


While we plan and think through our actions, we believe in taking action and following through. Nothing happens without action.


We always act with the highest integrity. We own our mistakes and are honest in allour dealings. We hold ourselves fully accountable for our actions.


We act with enthusiasm and make every effort to deliver great service to our customers. We are enthusiastic team members and enthusiastic advocates of our company mission.


We seek to put ourselves in other’s shoes and to understand another’s view point.
“Do unto others as we would wish them to do” is our catchphrase.

Let us show you how to overcome the overwhelm and turn that bulging customer list into a bucket of Gold.

Our Blueprint

Applying our four stage Sales Process & Technology Blueprint to achieve quick results in your business.

Discovery Call

We achieve our greatest impact by working collaboratively with our clients to improve the way they work and to enhance and build great workplace cultures where work has real meaning and the content of work is interesting and inspiring. We start within sales, the most essential function of any business.